SEA Solutions (South East Asia Solutions)

We deliver services that enable our merchants to optimise online business in South East Asia.
Whether you are a startup or Multinational - we have you covered.

Our Mission

Our goal is to improve your transactions in Asia via our wide range of local payment solutions. We endeavour to maximise customer access to your business with the highest, fastest rates of approved transactions and the best payment experience.
Technology and Innovation
We provide better solutions and value-added services through technology and innovation
No Hidden Fees
We make sure every one of our merchants are set up with the correct pricing structure with no extra and hidden fee
Effective and Secure
Our products are user friendly, cost-effective, and secure
24/7 Support
Our multilingual team are available 24/7 to support you with enquiries - No need to wait days for an answer to a question that needs to be solved immediately

Payment Solutions

Online Payments Solution
Online payments methods vary from country to country in Asia and the key is to offer the right one for each location. Our local knowledge means we are able to offer the most effective and appropriate solution for your business.

Reach new customers with a single integration that gives you access to multiple payment methods, cards, crypto wallets, and much more. We know the characteristics and the regulatory environment of each market so we can help you offer the most appropriate local payment methods.

Payment Methods by Country


Cash – Online Payments – Crypto settlements

Cash – Online Payments – Crypto settlements


High-level security

Enterprise-sized companies have the potential resources to invest in Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification and Risk & Fraud departments, or to build internal security protocols. When there is an effective remedy, the majority of online merchants lack these financial resources and the need to invest precious assets.

Our gateway has an integrated payment solution and provides high-level security/secure checkout for website, allowing merchants to focus on their core business

SEA Solutions is in charge of all compliance and fraud inquiries. We continually update our security measures as we are experts in data security and fraud prevention.

Reduces development costs

Building an online payment page is time-consuming and expensive in terms of development resources. By utilizing our secure checkout payment page, merchants can avoid costs for in-house integration or freelance our resources. Then, accept online payment.

Time savings on integration

When creating an online payment page, the merchants need to integrate every payment method, currency and language. Our checkout payment page has integrated payment methods. Besides that, we also have multiple currencies and languages which are integrated.

Reduce Merchant Liability

SEA Solutions has put resources into securing the payment page. Using our checkout payment page reduces the risks of hacking for the merchants. The merchants are still responsible for upholding basic security measures to keep their customers’ data in the safest way possible.

Risk Management

An extremely resilient platform with a fully customizable architecture that incorporates key security features:

  • Real-time rules engine and simulation
  • Customer verification
  • Risk mitigation and management

Tapping into our hands-on experience in developing payment processing system architecture, the platform helped SEA Solutions bring to market this innovative and world-class product to serve the needs of businesses around the globe.

Easy Integration
Designed for easy integration, our systems enable additional solutions without any additional development. Log in to your dashboard for instant, accurate and flexible daily insights so you can manage your customers experience intuitively.

Easy Reporting
The easy-to-use user interface allows you to easily and conveniently compile personalized reports that can be exported to all popular file formats for further processing.

Advanced Security
With automatic fraud screening, 24-hour transaction monitoring and our protection policies, we keep your business and customers safe.
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